Premium Vodka

Our Mr. Lugan’s Premium vodka is handcrafted locally here, in the Joliet, Illinois.

It is ultra-smooth, and light-bodied due to five-time distillation and unique nine-time platinum filtration. Made with fine wheat grain and charcoal purified water. The result is a clear and smooth vodka with character. It is as smooth as a gentleman can be.

Unique Spirits

Rye Moonshine Devil’s Tears is a unique Lugan’s Brewing crafted spirit and old tradition that delivers a smooth and exceptional experience. It is a strong, clear color drink made from rye and barley.

Krupnik is an aromatic liquor that is characterized by a large amount of honey, spices and a specific method of production.

Craft Beer

Explore our range of premium brewed beer today. We focus on delivering a broad range of flavors and aromas that capture the hard-working Lithuanian spirit, with a distinct barley taste and a sharp finish.

We brew for the love of beer, united by a passion for high-quality beverages born in world-class facilities and breweries.

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