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Craft Beer

Explore our range of premium brewed beer today. We focus on delivering a broad range of flavors and aromas that capture the hard-working Lithuanian spirit, with a distinct barley taste and a sharp finish. We brew for the love of beer, united by a passion for high-quality beverages born in world-class facilities and breweries.

Premium Vodka

Our Mr. Lugan’s Premium vodka is handcrafted locally here, in the Joliet, Illinois. It is ultra-smooth, and light-bodied due to five-time distillation and unique nine-time platinum filtration. Made with fine wheat grain and charcoal purified water. The result is a clear and smooth vodka with character. It is as smooth as a gentleman can be.

Unique Spirits

Rye Moonshine Devil’s Tears is a unique Lugan’s Brewing crafted spirit and old tradition that delivers a smooth and exceptional experience. It is a strong, clear color drink made from rye and barley. Krupnik is an aromatic liquor that is characterized by a large amount of honey, spices and a specific method of production.

Our Services

Private Label

We can help your dream of having your very own beverage become a reality. Private label option lets you not only make the beverage of your choice but take control of the brand and its marketing, exclusivity, flexibility and build your own loyal customer audience. Today consumers are more receptive to private label options due to exclusive pricing and availability as well as ultra high quality beverages they can buy.

Restaurant Supply

Unlike bottled or canned beer, draft beer kegs are pressurized containers that allow beer to be served directly from the keg to the tap, ensuring a fresh and carbonated experience for consumers. We supply restaurants with D System Kegs that are known as American Sankey kegs, these are the most common type of kegs in the United States. They have a lever-style coupler for easy connection to the draft system.

Online Orders

Today online liquor and beer orders have become increasingly popular, allowing customers to purchase a wide variety of beverages from the comfort of their homes. Here at Lugan’s Brewing we are offering same online ordering experience so you can enjoy your favorite local and freshly brewed beverage delivered straight to your home or any other location within the United States (only in selected states, not all).

Our Dream

We don’t just brew beer and distill spirits. We keep our Lithuanian history and heritage alive here at home in America, a passion we just happen to fulfill through professional beer brewing. Our craft is backed by centuries of passion, hard work, and commitment to perfection. Lugan’s Brewing serves as a modern-day reminder of the cultures and traditions that make us who we are as Lithuanian Americans.

Freedom is more than just a word. It’s a feeling, a flavor. You can taste it in every glass of Lugan’s beverage, preserving our rich history as proud Lithuanian Americans. According to a 2001 U.S. census, there are over 700,000 Lithuanians in America. For centuries, we have stood together to grow as a culture. We didn’t stop fighting until we achieved independence, and we will never stop pushing boundaries and breaking limits to achieve our dreams.

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