Craft Beer

Lugan’s Blond Ale

A Single Malt and Single Hop beer brewed with all American ingredients. Very light pale ale, crisp and clean, easy drinking. Brewed for drink-ability and enough flavor to be enjoyed by both craft and macro beer drinkers alike. Food pairing suggestions: mild-flavored cooked fish, roast chicken, salads, added to the batter for frying, hot dogs, and a ballgame.

Lugan’s IPA

A traditional English India Pale Ale brewed with all American barley and hops. Pale yellow with a slight orange tint, strong hop presence balanced with a sweet malt finish, easy to drink, but full in flavor and aroma. Food pairing suggestions: Deep dish and other strong-flavored pizza, strong cheeses like blue and sharp cheddar, steaks, BBQ pork, smoked fish and meats.

Lugan’s Lager

This larger beer is only produced in a small batch and makes for a superb choice on special occasions. Czech-style Pilsner/Pale Lager. Easy drinking beer, enjoyed by craft beer lovers, pale yellow color, noble Saaz hops, traditional lager yeast, but with all American malted barley. Food pairing suggestions: Grilled fish, shrimp and shellfish, mild cheeses, burgers, and pizza.