Unique Spirits

Krupnik Honey Liquor

Krupnik was created in 1593 by Benedictine monks. In the 19th century, its popularity began to spread in Poland and Europe and later in other parts of the world. Many new recipes for Krupnik were developed at the end of the 19th century. All of them are characterized by a large amount of honey and a specific method of production: a herbal infusion is made from strong vodka, then mixed with harvested and maturated honey.

Devil’s Tears Moonshine

Devil’s Tears Moonshine is a unique Lugan’s Brewing crafted spirit and old tradition that delivers a smooth and exceptional experience.

It is a strong, clear color drink made from rye and barley. Yeast is stored in stainless steel tanks and distilled twice. The taste is mild, the aroma is typical of moonshine with subtly expressive tones of bread.